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Welcome to Blue Social – The World's First Social Network That's All About Being Social!

Meeting people does not have to be hard. Easily share your digital social and business card in real life with Blue's contactless magic. Safely connect with friends you meet and turn any setting into a networking playground.

Discover & Connect:
Activate Blue's Discovery Mode at events, bars, or parks using Bluetooth Low Energy. Forge authentic connections in real-time within 150 feet.

Ultimate Networking Tool:
Customize your Blue Profile on the world's first social app dedicated to being social. Update in real-time, add social media links, and share your QR Code & Add to Wallet. Track your interactions with Insights.

Break the Ice:
Send direct notifications to initiate connections – whether at a conference or a social gathering, let others know you're ready to socialize.

Blue Pro Subscription:

* Social and business modes
* Interactions & Analytics
* Unlimited links and custom titles
* Download interactions into CSV

Go Green with Blue:
Ditch and scan paper business cards. Activate NFC tags with eco-friendly Blue products available on our website.

Join the Blue Revolution:
Be part of the world's first social app that's all about being social! Thousands are raving about Blue Social – Download now and elevate your connections! #BlueRevolution #ConnectLikeNeverBefore